Through our collaborative approach we've established a strong network of agency partnerships, enabling us to extend our core client service offerings and expertise.


“I am so excited about the Chime Peloton collaboration. The teamwork, attention to detail and passion are the perfect formula for our success. The team really has their heart in their business and their business in their heart”.

Anat Barzilay, Founder & Digital Campaign Architect, CHIME Digital

“As a relative newcomer in the programmatic space, Peloton had to earn their way onto Gaggi’s digital media plans. They have done so. The combined strategic digital knowledge of the Peloton team is staggering. Their commitment to maintaining a human touch point at every level of the campaign execution produces results unmatched by their competitors. And their creative approach to solving client challenges has made them a partner in every sense of the word.”

Kelly Dutton, President, Gaggi Media Communications Inc.

"Rarely does one find such an intelligent, insightful, and creative partner as what we've discovered in our collaborations with Peloton Media. Blue Ant Media Solutions is in the BIG ideas business, with a strong focus on content marketing. The digital amplification, performance, and overall scale that Peloton Media delivers to support our branded initiatives consistently drives results, ROI, and a happy customer. I should mention that all of this happens with best-in-class customer service, and plenty of smiles."

Ryan Fuss, SVP-Media Solutions, Blue Ant Media
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